Food, Fasting & Yoga

Recently I did a 5 day juice fast.  Before the fast I felt like my insides were clogged up and each time I ate anything, I felt it getting worse.  Bloating, feeling heavy and full despite how little I was eating.  I decided that it was basically best to get a dustpan and broom and do a good sweep of my insides.  So I went shopping and got a range of fruit and vegetables ready to be squeezed through my juicer.  I used a special program I had passed onto me by a friend.

I had 4 juices a day and the last night I had a warm broth.  The first day, I focused on sipping my juices slowly and mindfully and appreciated every nutrient my glass of juice had to offer.  The second day I was getting used to my routine and by the third day I felt it quite unusual that I hadn’t chewed with my teeth for a while! By the third day I was so mindful of every juice I consumed that I felt full on one glass of juice.  I did feel my energy low at times but also high other times.  After 5 days of a juice fast, I drank juice and pureed soup for another 5 days.  Consuming heavy food straight after a fast is not recommended!

The greatest reward of this fast that I felt was the ‘hollow’ yet completely content feeling in my belly and my entire digestive system.  My yoga practice deepened and I felt connected to my bandhas, my breath and my body on a much deeper level.  I have now made a personal commitment to do a juice fast regularly.  I am now due for my next one! It is a great way to give our digestive system a break and to connect with the body and mind on a spiritual level more regularly.  Even one day a fortnight is a great way to start and maintain a healthy system.

If you do decide to fast, it is important to find a good program with guidelines and the right juices.  The juices vary with fruit, vegetable as well as herbs.  Let me know if you’re interested in a fast and I can recommend what may be best for you.

Some of the benefits of fasting:

  • Helps promote physical and emotional health, by rejuvenating the body.
  • Helps lower cholesterol and normalise blood pressure. 
  • Helps overcome addictions.
  • Brings the mind awareness to the ‘divine’ and away from overconsumption and greed. 
  • Alleviates disorders of the gastrointestinal system, constipation, bloating and gastritis. 
  • Improves mental alertness – cleans toxins out of the lymphatic system and blood stream. 
  • Rejuvenates the digestive system, giving the digestive system a much needed rest. 
  • Quiets allergic reactions, including asthma and hay fever. 
  • Clears the skin and whitens the eyes. 

 “Fasting is simply a process of deep physiological rest. This rest period helps you rebuild functioning power and recover from the energy dissipation caused by hectic daily schedules and abusive living habits.” Frank Sabatino, D.C., Ph.D.


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