My weekly online classes are currently on pause.

The good news is that my Online Programs are accessible anytime, anywhere and 5 Days with Grace is still only $7!

Online classes means you can access my classes from the comfort of your home.

Wednesday nights are typically known as “hump day” as it can be the mid-point of our week… and the most challenging!

Yoga on a Wednesday night brings energy and lightness to your body and mind. My Yin/Yang Fusion is about bringing dynamic (and gentle) movements to foster strength and flexibility in the body fused with the deep relaxation that yin postures offer.

Each week offers you balance of body and mind and be warned that a deep, restful night’s sleep is extremely likely!

Join me for Yin/Yang on Wednesdays 7:30pm online.

If it’s your first time with me, be sure to book in for your complimentary class.

Hope to see you in the virtual classroom,


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