Sydney yoga studio for yogis of all ages and experience

Is this you:

  • New to yoga and unsure where, or how to begin?
  • Practicing yoga student searching for deeper spiritual connection?
  • Looking for simple yoga routines to incorporate into your busy life?
  • Struggling to find a yoga teacher who will take the time to focus on YOU and help you improve YOUR practice?

When you join the Yoga with Grace community, you are taking the first step towards a yoga practice which allows you to discover your strength, flexibility and spiritual connection between mind, body and soul. Choose from one of the below to start your yoga journey with me and hundreds of other yogis around the world.

It’s time to begin your yoga practice, focusing on building a stronger mind, body and soul

Yoga offerings are everywhere and for new students, it can feel overwhelming to know where to begin – what style? What teacher? What best suits my needs?

Some of these questions may have crossed your mind.

The good news is that I have over 10 years of teaching experience and have helped answer these questions for so many who are new to the world of yoga.

You might be a yoga novice, or an experienced yogi, but you’re still struggling to find that connection between the physical and spiritual practice. You’ve downloaded all the apps, taken all the yoga workshops and tried a few different styles, however you’re not quite where you want to be with your practice:

  • Constantly comparing yourself to others and their practice
  • Struggling to be present in your yoga practice
  • Too focused on a single element of yoga, rather than approaching the practice as a whole
  • Needing a teacher to guide you at your own pace
  • Seeking yoga practice that is about achieving real goals

Discover a yoga practice that is about you, and adding value to your life

In addition to regular classes, I also offer online programs for those who aren’t in Sydney. As a mum of three and working full-time, I understand the need for a yoga program that can fit in with our busy lifestyles. That’s why all of my programs are designed to be short and impactful, offering you the complete benefits of yoga in as little as 15 minutes per day.

When you purchase my programs you have lifetime access to the modules, meaning you only pay once and can work on your practice, anywhere, anytime.

My Online Yoga Programs

5 Days with Grace

7 Days with Grace

Birth with Connection

What people are saying…

Grace you are amazing! Thank you so much for a great yoga experience, I walked away feeling so revitalized and learnt so much about the practice of yoga.


Grace is super knowledgeable and experience and definitely showed in her session


Grace has been a wonderful teacher, she’s down to earth, provides clear guidance and helps to connect with oneself and each other.


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