Classes are on as usual during School Holidays

Monday night classes will still be running as usual during the school holidays.  6:30-8:00pm at St Cecilia’s School Hall.

I will be away Monday 29 Sep, and I have Fionna Findley teaching the class for me.


Fionna has written a short blurb about herself for you…

Ever since I can remember I have always been intrigued with the body, how it moves, how it functions and why we sometimes get sick. I completed a Bachelor of Medical Science and still felt there was something not quite aligned with what I thought “healthy” was or should be. Having always been active as a dancer, gym goer, tennis player, swimmer I discovered Yoga as a nice active recover. From there my interest in Yoga grew and it is now my predominant activity as it incorporates, asana (postures), pranayama (breath) and Dhyana (meditation) and it can be done at anytime, any age and everywhere.


I truly believe that we all need to be in touch with our body and our mind; this allows us to explore a freedom that is liberating and instils a confidence that can be adopted in all areas of our lives. Yoga lets us explore and test our mental, emotional and physical state, watching how we respond to being uncomfortable is the key to improving and nurturing ourselves. The Yoga style I have adopted is a flow/vinyasa style, paying particular attention to alignment, breath and thoughts. Through Yoga flow we engage in moving meditation that is healing and beneficial, here is where we are our true selves.


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