Do we innately desire new life?

Time is an interesting concept.

We tend to see time as something that is linear. With a beginning and an end.

But is this really true?

Or is time an illusion that keeps us shackled to the thought that our days are numbered?

We may have days on planet earth that are numbered… but what happens to the soul?

Did we exist before this physical life?

Will our soul continue on after the passing of our physical body?

Where will it go?

Is our age an illusion?

These are deep and thought provoking questions. Ones that most of us grapple with particularly on special occasions like our birthday when we are reminded of the passing of time.

One thing I do know is that most people desire new life.

People love to rejoice in new birth. New babies. New light. New love. A new soul…

The magical feeling when you see a pregnant woman… you wonder about the miracle within her. A boy? A girl? How will she feel when she welcomes her baby into the world? We often can’t wait to meet the baby and hear of the experience…we count down the weeks until we are able to meet this gift who will enter the world.

Her body becomes sacred.

Most of us get really excited about new life.

Why is that?

Perhaps it gives us hope?
It renews us?

It brings a sense of purpose or meaning to our lives…

It reminds us of the innocent, child-like joy we once had…

Time is interesting.
Are our memories timeless?

I think that’s why I love capturing photographs so often of my family and loved ones.

It helps me capture a moment in time so that I can keep the spark of sacredness alive within my soul.


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