5 Ways to talk yourself out of a yoga class & how to talk yourself out of them :)

One classic common question I get asked is:
Am I too old to take up yoga?

The short answer:

The more thought out answer…
Anyone can practice yoga.

There is only one type of person who can’t practice yoga, says one of my teachers… and that is the lazy person 🙂

In all honestly, I think many are reluctant to take up yoga and it’s not because they’re lazy.

The top 5 reasons I have had people tell me why they’re nervous about taking up yoga are:

1. I’m too old or have an injury and I’m nervous about not being able to move my body in the expected way
2. I’m unsure what type of class would suit me and my needs
3. I’m not flexible enough to do yoga (this one always makes me laugh)
4. What do I wear? 🙂
5. I’m overweight and want to lose weight first before going to a class

Do any of these reasons resonate with you?
No doubt, you have had some level of this kind of self-talk.

We can easily talk ourselves out of trying something new.

It’s completely natural to feel nervous about delving into the unknown. I’m yet to meet a single person who wasn’t a little nervous about attending their first yoga class!

It’s what we do with that self-talk that’s important.

So I’ll address the self-talk points I made above with some re-phrased self-talk in the hope that it helps re-frame your thoughts and encourage you to take the first or next step in your yoga journey 🙂

1. Self-talk:
I’m too old and/or I have an injury and I’m nervous about not being able to move my body in the expected way

Re-phrased thought:
My body can benefit from moving through yoga postures that will help keep my mind and body healthy.

🙌 An experienced teacher will offer you many options and modifications to support you in the class when you need it.

2. Self-Talk:
I’m unsure what type of class would suit me and my needs.

Re-phrased thought:
I can attend a range of different classes until I find the class I enjoy most and a teacher that I like.

🙌 A reasonably local yoga studio will be a good place to start. Read the class descriptions as a starting point or chat to the owner for some advice as to which class could suit you best. Be adventurous and try a few classes until you find your favourite that you can commit to attending regularly. A sustained regular practice is what you’re aiming for!

If your local yoga studio doesn’t feel right for you, branch out until you find a place that feels right and a teacher that you feel is going to help you progress.  A little extra travel to the right teacher & space can  sometimes be needed in order to meet your needs.

3. Self-talk:
I’m not flexible enough to do yoga

Re-phrased thought:
I have to start somewhere. This is where my body is at right now. Practicing yoga will help me gain a stronger and more flexible body.

🙌 A good, regular yoga practice will certainly yield results. A stronger and more flexible body, a healthier mind and an overall calmer state are just some of the obvious benefits.

4. Self-talk:
What do I wear?

Re-phrased thought:
I can find something comfortable to wear in my wardrobe.  Otherwise I’m taking myself out shopping or jumping online to grab some nice comfy tights. a comfy shirt or tank and a yoga mat.

🙌 Yoga is practiced barefoot so it’s always nice to have clean and tidy toes to look at in your forward bends 😄

Most places provide mats but it’s so nice & more hygienic to have your own.

5. Self-talk:
I’m overweight and want to lose weight first before going to a class

Re-phrased thought:
This is me now. Nothing will change if I don’t make a change. My body will change with good habits like starting yoga. Yoga is a way to help me get back into shape.

🙌 When we start moving our body, it encourages us to make healthier choices including altering our eating habits. Exercise and eating well go hand in hand.

Ok so that’s it.

No more excuses.

Just get on your yoga mat and see your life unfold.

One posture at a time.
One breath at a time.

One dedicated practice at a time.

When in doubt, remember this – that no one walks into a yoga class and is a perfect yogi. Is there such thing as a perfect yogi anyway?

A good practice takes time and dedication.

Nothing will change if you don’t make a change.

So what are you waiting for?

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