Practice, Practice, All is Here

Practice, Practice, All is Here..

Practice Practice

We often hear the famous yoga directive, “practice, practice, all is coming..” 

What is it exactly that is coming? 

Or is it already here?

We often see our lives as very goal-directed.

We plan future short term and long term goals (which of course are very good to do) and our yoga practice can often reflect this.

Do we come onto the mat to enjoy the present moment, our posture, our body, our breath…right here.

Or are we always thinking about how “I will be better at this after more practice” or “I can’t wait to do the next pose…”

Always thinking forward.

In the Ashtanga world, it’s what pose are you up to? Which pose is next? Constantly driven by what is coming next.

But in fact, the practice is right here.

It is what it is, right now.

So do we practice to get somewhere?

Or do we practice to be here.

Because there is no where else to be except where we are right now.

In this very moment.

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