What’s your super-power?

How often do we rely on external factors to bring us joy?

Think about your 5 senses and how often we are stimulated by them. After all, it’s how we obtain information – through our eyes, ears, tongue, skin and nose.

Now what if you removed as much stimulation of your senses as possible – like sitting alone, closing the eyes, in silence, no music, no guided words spoken.

Just you alone, with your breath.

What happens?

We have to face our thoughts. The ebb and flow of what makes us happy, uncomfortable, at ease, angry… whatever it is. We must face ourselves. As we are.

We delve deep into calm and the storm of our mind.
Connecting to the internal world, helps us rely less on the external world.

We begin to find joy and contentment deep within us that can’t help but radiate to those around us.

And when asked “what’s your super power?”, you can’t help but reply “I have found my sixth sense”.

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