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I don’t have time for yoga….

I can’t tell you how often I hear people tell me that they want to do yoga but they don’t have time.

I am a mum of 3 children and I know the juggle is real

If I manage to use the bathroom without being interrupted, I take that as a daily win!

Although it is a struggle to find time to myself, I do know that the days that I find space for myself to BE, I am a much better mum, wife, daughter and friend!

One important lesson that I now live by that has helped me and so many of my yoga students is this…

It’s not about how long you practice….

We don’t need to do over an hour of yoga each day to see progress and transformation.

In fact, it’s the daily, focused practice that proves results. The habit of setting just 15 minutes aside each day has powerful outcomes on health and well-being. I have seen evidence of this time and time again with students who complete my 30 day Yoga & Meditation Challenges.

Just 15 minutes a day is what they commit to and here are some things people say are:

I do have time…

Well, the reality is, we all have time – time is ours to use as we wish…. but it is what we do with our time that can have a significant impact on our lives and has the capacity to transform our lives.

What we give energy to, will be reflected in the quality of our lives.

What if I said that 15 minutes a day is all you need to commit to yourself?

For me, a minimum of 15 minutes is my daily priority.

So that’s why I created this 5 day with Grace series.

5 focused videos, just 15 minutes each.

That’s it. Simple as that.

You can access the videos anytime, anywhere on any device.

You receive lifetime access, so you can repeat these videos over and over again, as many times as you like.

Now let me ask you, do you want to….

  • Feel stronger & more flexible…?
  • Feel more energised and motivated?
  • Improve your health and well-being…?
  • Get connected to your body and mind…?

What’s inside 5 Days with Grace…


A sequence to discover connection to the earth… to ground down, anchor, and find strength in both the body and mind.

This flow encapsulates what it means to ‘find your feet’ through a range of foundational standing postures to bring the mind back to its centre.


This gentle flow is designed to increase mobility in the hip joint to enjoy a greater freedom in the body.

Happy Hips is all about improving strength and flexibility in the hip joint to provide greater stability and balance in the spine.


This sequence gets you connected to your abdominal muscles. Increasing your awareness and connection to your core muscles allows for improved posture and protects the spine.

A strong core keeps the body stable and can relieve lower back pain.


A supple spine is essential to keeping the nervous system happy!

This sequence is all about extension of the spine and simple ways you can enjoy opening the spine to relieve back pain and discomfort.


Open hamstrings can provide greater freedom in your overall well-being. Enjoy day to day tasks with overall ease, like picking things off the floor or tying shoe laces.

Flexible hamstrings can improve posture, reduce back pain and help reduce injuries in the body.

There you have it…

5 focused sessions with me…

…available, anytime & anywhere…

Hi, I’m Grace

Hi, I’m Grace Joukhadar. I am a Yoga teacher who has spent over 20 years walking the path of yoga. I am committed to helping people discover a true sense of joy, happiness and peace in their lives – both physically and mentally.

I love bringing yoga to the lives of others and helping others walk the path of inner joy.

5 Days with Grace is for you if you want to…

  • Move your body regularly and establish good habits
  • Get some mental clarity and re-focus…
  • Invest in yourself – your physical and mental well-being.
  • You want to experience greater freedom in the body through targetting different areas like the back, hips, core and hamstrings.
  • Have access to 15 min yoga sessions with me at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere.

Now you ask, how much does 5 Days with Grace cost?

Seven dollars.

Yes, you read that correctly. Just $7 for 5 focused classes and you can repeat them anywhere, anytime on any device.

To give you some perspective, a one-on-one session with me is $80 for one hour… I am giving you over an hour worth of my teaching for just $7

In 5 Days with Grace, you get 5 sessions with me for just $7.

A one time payment of $7 is all you need to invest in yourself

>> TODAY’S PRICE $7 <<

Sign me up now for just $7
$ = AUD

One Payment. Lifetime Access.


Here are some Q&As to help answer them..

I am pregnant, can I do this program?

Whilst this program isn’t specifically designed for pregnant women; with a few modifications, all the sequences are suitable for pregnant women. Reach out to me for a chat and I can advise you on what to be mindful of 🙂 Remember, because this is lifetime access, you can use the program post-birth 🙂

Is this program for beginners?

Absolutely. These classes are designed to be accessible and are catered for beginners.

Do I need special yoga props?

Nope. Just a space you can practice yoga… a yoga mat will be useful, but anything else is optional!

Are there ongoing payments?

Definitely not. This is a once of $7 payment and the program is yours to access whenever you like.

Can I access the classes anywhere in the world?

Sure can. The classes are on an online platform that you can login to anytime, anywhere.

How is the program delivered?

The Program is held on an online Platform in the Members area which you gain access to. It gives you access to the videos for you to follow on your personal device – tablets, laptops, phones.

>> TODAY’S PRICE $7 <<

Sign me up now for just $7
$ = AUD

Click the button above to gain immediate, lifetime access to my 5 videos so you can start looking after YOU!

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