7 Days with Grace

I want more Yoga with Grace!

You asked, I listened!

The feedback from my 5 Days with Grace focused sessions were so positive with requests for more, so I listened and created 7 Days with Grace.

more focused classes, just 15 minutes each, to add more variety and meet varying needs for your daily yoga practice.

I know how challenging it is to squeeze ‘ME’ time into my day and that’s why these 15 minute sessions are so popular.

The feedback I have received is that they are easy to follow, great for beginners and short and sweet giving you no excuse for not being able to squeeze 15 minutes of yoga into the day!

So I have created more accessible classes to bring more yoga into your life.

So many options….

7 Days with Grace offers you the beauty of choice!

If you’re feeling stiff in the shoulders, jump onto the Stretch your Shoulders sequence. If you want to feel grounded and centred, you can jump onto a Sun Flow or Bring Back Balance.

In need of a good internal cleanse, try Time to Twist. Trouble with sleep? Give the Deep Sleep session a go! Trouble getting out of the bed in the morning? The Good Morning Yoga session will get ready for the day!

So many options and all suitable for beginners with modifications provided.

Just 15 minutes. That’s it.

Want to hear what people are saying about these sessions?

You can access the videos anytime, anywhere on any device.

You receive lifetime access, so you can repeat these videos over and over again, as many times as you like.

What do you get inside 7 Days with Grace?

  • Back to Basics (Gentle flow with all the essentials for an overall feel good experience)
  • Legs & Lunges (Find stability and strength in the legs)
  • Bring Back Balance (Standing postures that work on balance & focus for body and mind)
  • Time to Twist (Rinse out the internal organs with some delicious twists)
  • Move Those Hips (Hip mobility sequence, releasing emotional blockages)
  • Stretch Your Shoulders (Release tension around the head, neck & shoulders)
  • Sun Flow (An energetic sun salutation flow)

And… there’s more, of course!

As well as these 7 Focused 15 minute Yoga sessions, you receive 3 Bonus sessions with me.

  • Moon Flow (Tune inward with a gentle moon flow)
  • Good Morning Yoga (a gentle 8 minute routine you can do in bed when you wake up, starting the day fresh with truth and confidence)
  • Deep Sleep Restorative Yoga (a 45 minute restorative yoga routine you can pick and choose from to aid for a good night sleep)

So in total, that’s 10 sessions with me…

…available, anytime & anywhere…

Hi, I’m Grace

Hi, Iā€™m Grace Joukhadar. I am a Yoga teacher who has spent over 20 years walking the path of yoga. I am committed to helping people discover a true sense of joy, happiness and peace in their lives – both physically and mentally.

I love bringing yoga to the lives of others and helping others walk the path of inner joy.

7 Days with Grace is for you if you want …

  • A variety of yoga flows with an experienced, trusted yoga teacher at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere
  • To improve your flexibility, strength and mental well-being
  • To instill positive habits of moving your body regularly

So Grace, how much is this Program?

To give you some perspective…one casual class with me is usually $25… a private one-on-one session, you’re looking at $80/hour.

This program offers you 10 sessions with me for just $37. Yes, that’s it. Just $37 for 10 sessions with me and you can repeat them anywhere, anytime on any device.

A one time payment of $37 is all you need to invest in yourself

>> TODAY’S PRICE $37 <<

Sign me up now for just $37
$ = AUD

One Payment. Lifetime Access.

Check out what these amazing yogis say about my online sessions…


Here are some Q&As to help answer them..

I am pregnant, can I do this program?

Whilst this program isn’t specifically designed for pregnant women; with a few modifications, all the sequences are suitable for pregnant women. Reach out to me for a chat and I can advise you on what to be mindful of šŸ™‚ Remember, because this is lifetime access, you can use the program post-birth šŸ™‚

Is this program for beginners?

Absolutely. These classes are designed to be accessible and are catered for beginners.

Do I need special yoga props?

Nope. Just a space you can practice yoga… a yoga mat will be useful, but anything else is optional! Some classes will offer suggestions of using a yoga strap or block. But they are optional šŸ™‚

Are there ongoing payments?

Definitely not. This is a once of payment and the program is yours to access whenever you like.

Can I access the classes anywhere in the world?

Sure can. The classes are on an online platform that you can login to anytime, anywhere.

How is the program delivered?

The Program is held on an online Platform in the Members area which you gain access to. It gives you access to the videos for you to follow on your personal device – tablets, laptops, phones.

>> TODAY’S PRICE $37 <<

Sign me up now for just $37
$ = AUD

Click the button above to gain immediate, lifetime access to my 10 videos so you can start looking after YOU!

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