A country so dear to my heart. I am a Lebanese Australian and this explosion in Lebanon has directly affected my family in Lebanon. My relatives in Lebanon have been doing it really tough with a complete crash of their economy, COVID-19 and now they are dealing with the aftermath of this explosion.

My family in Lebanon tell me that the Lebanese Red Cross is amazing and they are working with the people each day to save lives.

This Fundraiser supports The Lebanese Red Cross Directly.

On Tuesday, 4th August at 6pm an explosion occurred in the heart of Beirut Lebanon taking the lives of over 135 people (and counting) and has injured over 5000 people.

The massive blast delivered yet another devastating blow to a country already rocked by crises.

Lebanon was already in the midst of the worst economic crisis in its history as well as dealing with the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Half its population of 6 million live near or below the poverty line and hundreds of thousands of people have lost their jobs.

The nation’s currency has more than halved during the crisis, with people’s savings locked up in inaccessible bank accounts.

This Fundraiser is a small way we can support the people of Lebanon. The Yoga class is for beginners – a gentle flow with the spirit of Lebanon woven into the class.

All money will be donated directly to the Lebanese Red Cross who are on the ground working, saving people’s lives and treating the injured.

You can support the people of Lebanon by:

  1. Buying a ticket and attend the yoga class Live.
  2. Buying a ticket and do the class later with the recording I will send you (available for a month).
  3. Buying a ticket and spread the word!

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