Things are sometimes easier than they seem…

I went to my first yoga class since I had my baby 3 months ago. I was a little nervous because of my post pregnancy body and not having a strong practice for a year now due to growing a human inside me and being the size of an elephant 🙂

But I did it anyway. I didn’t let my nerves get in the way of going to class and nourishing my body and mind. My pre-baby yoga body is somewhat different to the body that was the peak of my yoga health and practice and it of course can play on the mind.

I can no longer do the advanced moves with ease. It takes me time to regain my strength. It takes mental strength to get past my ego and what my mind wants my body to do and what my body can actually do. All these things play on your mind and made me feel a little nervous going to practice beside a bunch of gorgeous yogis.

But hey, I pushed passed it and guess what. When I got in there and started practicing, it was not as hard as I thought it was going to be. In fact, it was easier than it seemed. My body just knew what to do. It has a memory and sure, I didn’t look or feel as strong as I did before having my baby, but the fact was, it felt amazing to practice again and it was so much easier than my head made it out to be.

Do you ever build things up in your head and then when you actually do it, it’s no where near as hard or scary as you thought it would be?

That’s why I designed this shirt – MIND GOES WHERE ENERGY FLOWS >>

To remind me that we sometimes need to push past this crazy “chatter” in our mind and put our energy into just doing what helps us push past our fears and anxieties.

Can you relate to this?

Remember – mind goes where energy flows!

Check out this tank as well as many other heart-filled yogi tanks!

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