Is ‘discipline’ a dirty word?

I write this as I order a delicious Gigi’s pizza in Newtown. I was weighing up the options in my mind – do I? Don’t I? Do I lack discipline if I order this pizza?

To put it in context, I have been on a healthy eating plan for over a month to help lose the extra kgs after having baby. And I’ve been super disciplined with my daily exercise and healthy eating options and portions. Super proud of me and super great results so far. Even my kids cheer me on as I exercise – it’s quite funny but painful as they show no mercy!

Anyway, back to the pizza. I finished yoga class and was super hungry and kept thinking about this pizza the entire practice. And was thinking would I be totally undisciplined having this pizza or should I go home and have a nice healthy salad as I usually have been for the last month…

Which got me thinking (while I’m in downward dog) about the question – what is discipline? I recall this conversation I had with a good friend many years ago about discipline. I was adamant that discipline was an important part of a healthy lifestyle but my friend didn’t agree – saying that if you need discipline in your life, then that’s a sign of weakness.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Discipline is a sign of strength. A sign that you are able to control your choices in life. Having discipline shows such strength in character and lacking discipline in my opinion is a sign that something in your life needs to change.

So here I am with my tasty Gigi’s pizza. It literally just got handed to me.

And I think that discipline is also about being able to be kind to yourself and rewarding yourself. Discipline is also about balance and allowing yourself to recognise when you can “take a break” and enjoy a Gigi’s pizza. Believe me, I will!!

What are your thoughts about discipline?

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Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to get into my pizza 🙂

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