Put your hand on my heart and tell me the truth…

Chocolate Easter eggs have taken over the shops as they do every Easter season. And when I was a child, I saw delicious, tasty chocolate that I couldn’t wait to stomach.

But as I breastfeed my 4 month old this Easter morning, I am reminded of the truth of chocolate eggs.

My baby receives her life-giving nourishment from my very body, my breast. The milk that is made especially for her.

It’s 3:30am. She’s gulping down her milk and her little hand is sitting on my chest. Kylie Minogue’s “put your hand on my heart and tell me….” started playing in my mind.

Well what truth was my baby telling me with her tiny hand on my heart?

…thank you mum for the precious milk you give me several times a day and during the night. This is what helps me grow and live!

It’s Easter morning. Easter eggs are the symbol of new life, the resurrection of Jesus. But how can milk chocolate symbolize this when the milk we use for these eggs are robbed from baby cows?

Yes. Cows have babies. Just like I have had babies. Just like so many humans.

However a mother’s cow’s milk is not given to their babies. Instead, the mummy cow becomes a milk machine for human consumption. Her entire life. I still struggle to even understanding how this is even happening.

I emailed a milk company (A2 to be specific) last year to find the facts directly from the source. And baby cows are separated from their mothers within a week of being born. Why? Exact words in an email from A2 is because “we avoid the calves building a strong attachment to their mothers”.

Yes. You read that correctly.

In order for humans to consume cow’s milk (designed for their own babies), we must separate them unwillingly from their own children so they don’t bond.

And how do these baby cows survive if they’re not allowed to consume their own mother’s milk??

Formula of course. And once they’re fat enough… they’re sent off to be processed becoming veal for human consumption also.

Gosh this is a depressing post for Easter morning.

Sometimes ignorance is bliss they say. And I can understand that. Because once you learn something, it’s hard to unlearn it. It’s hard to ignore the new information that you have received.

But so many of us do.
Why? Because learning new information requires some sort of action. And action can be way too hard for most. Especially actions that feel like they’re removing some sort of pleasure (like eating chocolate with cow’s milk).

I often get asked if I feel like I’m missing out on so many foods being a vegan.

Not one bit.

In fact, I feel enlightened. I feel privileged I’ve taken action against this insane practice of robbing baby cows of their own milk and mother’s love.

I sincerely feel like everyone else (non vegans) are missing out on having a purer conscience.

This may rub some of you the wrong way, no doubt. But once you have felt the truth, KNOW the truth… you can’t help but desire to LIVE the truth. Nothing is more satisfying than knowing you live your life with the least amount of cruelty as possibly (ahimsa).

My own human baby deserves her mother’s love and milk for her own growth. What makes a baby cow any different to us?

Our perception.
Our perception of what a cow is. What it deserves in comparison to us and what a cow was put on earth for.

We have been conditioned to believe that cows were made to make milk for humans. One of the biggest lies we have been fed for way too many generations.

Cows want to feed and bond with their babies just like any other mammal on the planet.

So perhaps with this information, you may just want to take some time to process it.

You may ignore it and continue on with your life.

You may want to find out more about the dairy industry.

You may feel compelled to some sort of action. Like perhaps purchasing non dairy milk when you go do your next grocery shop.

All I know is that you can’t unlearn things… and for me, when the veil of ignorance has been removed (avidya), I am called to action.

So with my baby’s hand on my heart this morning, I felt compelled to tell you the truth.

What will you do with this truth?


I love these two tanks. They’re a little tongue in cheek, as of course a vegan isn’t perfect, but with an awakened understanding of the world, they try and live a cruelty free life.

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