My sleeping baby in my arms got me thinking…

It’s the simple, daily things that take our breath away. But sometimes we are too caught up in our busy minds to even notice it. The stuff we take for granted is the stuff that’s the most amazing.

Like today, I was with my parents in law, husband and children and I was just watching them in awe. Literally, in awe. How blessed and wonderful this world is. The sun was perfectly warm around us and the kids were so happy running around and laughing. I had my little one snuggled in my arms asleep and I was in a moment of feeling overwhelmingly happy, content and satisfied.

Such a simple moment but a perfect snap shot of time.

So ordinary. Yet so extraordinary.

Sometimes perfection, happiness, joy & contentment are right in front of us.

Love your life.

Make TODAY amazing….
by acknowledging the ordinary & how extraordinary it is!
It’s all about changing your perspective on what is right before you each day.

My favourite tank inspired by today, is this one >>
It reminds me to love each day, even the difficult ones.

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Hope you’re enjoying the Easter season – whether you’re Christian or affiliated with another religion or no religion at all; the Easter season is a good opportunity to pause, reflect and enjoy the present moment with gratitude.

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