The best piece of advice I have ever received

An old yogi friend once told me this advice and I have never forgotten it since. In fact, whenever I’m in a rut, I recall these words and it always helps me re-focus and get myself back on track.

This yogi friend said – “focus on the solution, not the problem”

I’ve never forgotten this.

It can be so easy to complain about an issue we’re having or be overwhelmed by a problem and simply can’t see a way out. We often can list a thousand reasons why something is impossible to solve or do. But how often do we list the ways we can help resolve this problem?

It takes greater strength & motivation to focus on solutions to our problems than to feed our problems with more problems.

Every problem has a solution. Yes you heard me.

Every problem has a solution.

We may not like the solution options. But there are solutions.

Eating unwell? Solution – get on a healthy eating program.

Need time out for some yoga – shuffle your timetable around and see how you can make it work. Cut something else out. Weave it into your daily life.

Hate your job? Find other options- change careers… search for a better option that will give you the change you need.

How many times do we get stuck into the same routine and then think we are stuck in it forever!

Mix it up. Change something in your life today. Something that you know needs to change. Something that is possibly bringing you down.

The only constant thing in life is change. Yes I’m sure you’ve heard that line before. But it’s super true.

We need to adapt.
Take risks.
Look ahead.

Have a little healthy fear that helps you make good choices – but not to the point where we are too afraid to make changes.

What’s an issue in your life now that you have been avoiding?

Or possibly just accepting “that’s just how it is”.

Or is there a change you’ve been wanting to make but too afraid?

Today’s the day.
For change.
Do it.

Focus on the solutions. Not the problem.

Yes. You can do it!

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