Dress for Success

Today I woke up and I wore my active wear. Why?

Because it is sooooooooooo cold here in Melbourne and I feel completely unmotivated when I don’t get up and at least have the intention to get active.

In cold weather, it’s so easy to fall into the “do nothing” attitude. I just want to rug up in warm clothes and stay home. But the fact is, I can’t do that. I have three little ones who need to be out and about for all their busy daily activities.

I find it so much easier to be active in warmer weather. Your body feels ready and it naturally wants to get up and moving. But lately, Melbourne has decided to hit 9 degrees most mornings and for me, coming from 5 years in the Pilbara – 9 degrees is absolute FREEZING weather!

I woke up yesterday morning and wore a lovely pair of jeans, boots and a new lovely jumper I had received for Mothers’ Day and a some lovely pieces of jewellery…. But I found that wearing all this did very little to motivate me to get real work done or do any exercise throughout the day. I realised I set myself up. Set myself up to “fail” at my active lifestyle.

So this morning, I thought – no way – I’m getting into my active wear. My comfy tights, yoga tank, warm hoodie and my runners. I feel soooooo much more comfortable this morning – ready to take on the world… didn’t matter it was cold because I felt I could easily get around in my comfy shoes and tights.

The last couple months I have managed to get into the habit of dressing for success – dressing in my active wear so I can actually BE ACTIVE! I can easily do my squats, sun salutes, HIIT exercises and some asana practice when I dress right for it.

So what do you wear to stay active? Do you have your special active gear that helps keep you motivated? I have a huge obsession with yoga tights. Just love them and have quite the collection. Same with my tanks – they help keep me inspired. But I LOVE them and I feel motivated each day to dress in my active wear because that’s what I want to do every day – be ACTIVE!

How do you dress for success?

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