It will Get Better by Itself

My son fell over a couple days ago and stubbed his toe and grazed his arm. Between tears I offered a band-aid to “make it better” which is usually a winner. But this time, he said to me “no it’ll get better by itself”.

I was quite surprised to hear him say this (as band-aids usually fix everything), but I was pleased.

We are so quick to think we need to “do something” to fix things immediately when we hurt ourselves or when something goes wrong. That seems to be our natural response – quick – what can we do to make it better? What action can I take? What kind of intervention needs to take place?

However, sometimes the only action we need is no action at all. At times all we need to do is absolutely nothing. Because you know what? Sometimes, things just get better or easier when they are just left alone. Like the old saying: ” it will get better with time”. Sometimes we need no drug, no quick fix and no self-help guide – no intervention whatsoever. Instead we simply need to just wait and let it get better by itself.

Just like a cold or a stomach bug. You just have to ride the wave. It’ll take a couple of days, but we know it’ll pass. Just needs time. As painful as it is: it will get better on its own.

Meditation is an effective way to “ride the wave” of life’s ups and downs. It allows us to sit in the silence. To hear the voice within, without all the clutter. Just simply be in the present moment. Alone with your thoughts.

We often numb this silence by having the TV run in the background or play music so we don’t feel alone. Have you ever tried just cooking in absolute silence? Or working in silence? No radio. No TV. Mobile phone switched off?

Now take it a step further. Just sit in silence. Either eyes closed or gaze softly downward along the nose. Focus on your inhale and exhale. Make your breath your focus.

Allow the thoughts to come and go. Allow them to enter and to exit without hanging onto a thought. Just let it be.

Just be.

Don’t just do something, sit there 🙂

Let it get better all by itself. Sit in the silence so you can hear the voice within.

Just be.

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