I love my grey hair

I love my grey hair

I used to find a single grey hair dispersed here and there on my curly head.

But now, I find more and more of them and they seem quite comfortable creating little nests for themselves.

At first it came as a shock to me. Huh? Where did that little grey nest come from?! I’m still so young!

But after the initial shock, I actually have grown to embrace my greys. I’m not one for loving long hairdresser appointments so I go quite a while before finally cutting my hair or putting some colour in for a bit of freshening up. So my greys are always there to remind me of some beautiful sentiments.

Instead of cringing when I see these grey nests; I smile. I smile for the visible reminder of years of joy, sadness, passion, achievements and losses. Each grey hair could tell a story I’m sure.

For some reason, this world sees age as something we want to reverse. We constantly try and change things about ourselves to keep looking young. And our language in our common vernacular – “I’m getting old!” – is a reflection of the stigma we place on ageing.

To be honest, I don’t get it. This whole “stay looking young forever” thing. With each grey hair comes wisdom. If we learn from all our experiences, how wonderful it is to be able to carry that within us and share it with others! Growing older is a natural and beautiful process to embrace. So many amazing experiences to reflect on and so many more to come.

Life excites me! There is just so much learning to be done and I think the key to not “ageing” is finding your passion. The thing that excites you every day. Your passion wakes you up with fire (tapas) every day because you can’t wait to experience the fullness of each day. And with these experiences comes more wrinkles and more grey hair ๐Ÿ™‚

Enjoy the ride of life!

Ps. Here is a photo of my physically young self on my first ever trip to Western Australia ๐Ÿ™‚

Make every day amazing. Make today amazing! Here is a tank that along with the grey hair, reminds us to enjoy our passion every day!

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