Saving Lives is Sexy

Ever wondered why fire fighters, paramedics and police officers are so often used as sex icons?

What is it that they all have in common?

Other than the fact they all wear a uniform (which is often portrayed as sexy), they all have the ability to save lives.

Saving lives is something extraordinary. Fire fighters, paramedics and police officers have the ability to do something that ordinary people cannot usually do themselves. They are able to take someone from their suffering or near-death experience and save them; giving them a second chance at life.

Saving lives is sexy.

And being saved or getting a second chance at life is often a life changing experience. It is these moments that are pivotal in our lives and cause us to reflect on our values, our past and our future.

These moments cause us to reflect on our core beliefs around God, the universe, the after-life and what lies beyond the realm of our physical death.

Yoga is about saving lives.

The practice of yoga takes us from our focus on mortal things to that which is immortal. It takes our focus from our mortal self to something beyond us with the ultimate goal of yoga to be unification with the divine nature.

Let me repeat. The goal of yoga is to be united with the divine nature (internal and external).

Internally being the soul, externally being God.

Another way to say it is that yoga is the unification with the divine nature within and unification with the divine nature in the universe.

Wow. Intense right? Not sure if you were expecting that!

Yoga means union. It is a state, not an activity.

So the state of yoga is the realisation of our oneness with the divine.

Pretty intense hey? And I think most people know yoga is more than just stretching, hence why you may read these inspirational quotes that say things like “yoga isn’t about touching your toes, it’s about what you learn on the way down”.

Yoga removes the sense of dissolution of separateness. It leads us to the core realisation of the oneness of being which brings us lasting happiness.

Jivamukti Yoga is a style of yoga focused on a pathway of liberation of the soul with compassion at the core of its philosophy. The term Jivamukti is a modern fusion of two Sanskrit terms: jiva (individual living soul) and mukti (freedom from the eternal cycle of death and rebirth); which together implies “liberation while still living on Earth”. It has also been translated simply as “Self-liberation” or “Self-Realisation”.

In summary, yoga’s ultimate goal is to liberate the soul from suffering. Yoga aims to help us break free from this cycle of suffering and liberate the soul. Imagine being liberated from suffering – this would be what happiness truly feels like.

So if you want to be sexy like a fire fighter, paramedic or police officer and you want to find a pathway to reduce your suffering to experience true happiness from within, perhaps it’s time to consider saving your own soul by taking up the practice of yoga… and at a superficial level, you can look pretty sexy in your yoga gear with your cool yoga moves 😀

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