I don’t think you’re ready for this belly

I used to shy away from my little pot belly. No matter how fit, slim and trim I have been, I always had a little belly pop out.

I used to hate it and always tried to hide it. But something has changed within me over the last few years.

The last 4 years I have either been pregnant or breastfeeding. I’ve had 3 children in 3 years and my body shifted from fit and strong to the size of a whale and I felt heavy and weak.

My belly has had a workout in the process of pregnancy, labour and weight loss after birth for now the third time. What an incredible body to be able to adapt to such changes to accommodate growing little humans.

I’m now 7 months post-partum and I’m feeling good. Still not as strong as I used to be but it’s coming back again with my hard work and persistence.

One thing that loves to stay with me is my pot belly which I now love to affectionately call my mama belly.

The difference with my mama belly is that it no longer bothers me. In fact, I’m super proud of it.

This belly has housed 3 babies and helped them grow and prepare them for the outside world. This belly is a sign of my womanhood. A sign of strength, sacrifice and love.

Something I couldn’t feel more proud of.

So instead of hiding it. I’m now comfortable with it and it’s just part of who I am.

My belly is Marcus, Aliyah and Raya. My three gorgeous loves who I have been blessed with. What a blessing it is to have a belly that is capable of nurturing human life.

Do you have negative self-talk about your body?

How can you shift the negative talk to positive talk?

Whenever you catch yourself starting this negative dialogue, try and change the direction of that thought with a positive one instead.

Thoughts and words are powerful. Choose them wisely.

In this photo, I was 6 weeks pregnant with my third baby and it was was taken in 2016, just a week before I left Port Hedland, Western Australia, a special place I called home for almost 5 years. I love this photo as the landscape reminds me of Mother Earth and how, just like a mother’s belly, it nurtures human life.

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