I saved myself

My kids were playing around the yard today and were pretending to “save” each other from being stuck somewhere.  It was all fun and games and they love taking turns to rescue each other.

This particular time, my daughter yelled out “Mummy, I saved myself!” and released herself from her “emergency”.  She was so pleased with herself that she repeatedly “saved herself”, much to my son’s frustration 😀

It got me thinking how we all too often look to outside sources to help “save us” when we might be going through a rough time or seeking answers to a problem.

We may speak to a friend or family member for advice, jump on line and read other people’s experiences or we may seek counselling to help us through a challenging period.  Whilst I definitely believe there is value in these avenues and would never suggest removing these networks from your life; I do think that in today’s times, we are too quick to do this before even looking within ourselves.

I am referring to tapping into our inner wisdom.  The process of how we can, in fact, “save ourselves”.

In our modern-day technology and social media culture, we expect results instantly.  And we all seem to be in a big hurry to resolve things quickly.

I all too often hear the phrase, “let it go” or “move on” when someone is talking about an issue they’re having.  This kind of response often builds a culture of brushing things off and not dealing with the issue.

I have walked with dear friends who have experienced grief – the loss of a loved one, or a baby… real deep, traumatic stuff.  And if you have experienced any kind of loss, you would know that it is tremendously difficult to see joy in life when you are grieving.

The griever can sometimes feel pressure to “move on” and feel normal again.  But this is completely unrealistic.

It is much more beneficial to accept that grief is part of the process of healing.  And there is no rush to actually “get over it” or move on.

The biggest thing though is that no one can “save us” from this grief, pain or circumstance.  In fact, the healing needs to come from within…

How do you tap into this inner wisdom?

Through a regular yoga and meditation practice.

Through faith in something greater than yourself whether it is an understanding of God or simply an acute awareness that there is something greater than yourself at work in the universe (this is a whole other topic!).

We can continue to heal our daily hurts and our long-term hurts through a regular internal clean out.  Yoga is called a practice for this reason.  It is an ongoing process – an internal workout for the mind and soul.

By giving the mind time and space through the practice of focused silence, it has the opportunity to process what is happening on the inside. An opportunity to connect to something greater than yourself.

This process of daily internal-reflection is extremely powerful in transforming our lives.

Create room in your life for things to change.  Take one step every day to create space in your life for silence, stillness…quiet.

We can “save ourselves” – heal our wounds, repair what feels broken, find what feels lost… we just need to hear what is inside of us.

Once the mind is silent… you can hear the voice within…

And yes, save yourself.

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