Let Go, Let God….

Patricia, a dear friend of mine and an old colleague who I was privileged to have worked with in Sydney would often use the phrase:

Let Go
Let God

Patricia’s faith in these words taught me so much about acceptance and relinquishing control.

Letting go sounds all good and well. But what does that mean exactly?

Let go of what?
Our desires?
Our fears?

And how exactly do we let go of something?
Do we need to let go of control?

How much do you want to be in control? Of future events or the way you want your life to be?
Or how you want your relationships to be or how you expect them to be?

Let go.

It means letting go of the need to control our lives.
It means letting go of fear, anxiety, ego…

It means accepting the here and now for what it is. Removing this desire to constantly control situations.

Letting go also means being open to the possibility of something greater than yourself at work. The possibility of God. Or the divine.

Let God.

Let God do what exactly?

Regardless of what God you believe in or if you don’t believe in God at all…. letting God simply means being open to the possibility that something greater than you is at work.

It means creating space for something to change…

And creating that space often means removing the need to control.

The first step, “Let go” simply means to remove yourself from having the need to control your future. Control every decision of every day.

“Let God” adds the layer of allowing something greater at work to show you the way.

Being receptive to the possibilities of the path you may need to take. The alternative choices you may need to make. Hearing the voice within when you give yourself room to hear that voice.

Letting God means that you’re open.

It means you’re receptive to something greater at work.

This is truly liberating!

Let go of control.
And let God do the work.

Sometimes we need to sit back and take a breather and listen to that inner voice. Is that God speaking to you?

Is it your inner wisdom?
What do you like to call that wise voice inside you?

Is it God?
Is it your inner wisdom?

Are we all sparks of the divine?
Or is God out there somewhere and removed from us? Or is God within you?

Some food for thought.

What are your thoughts?

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