Practice, practice…enjoy the journey :)

Practice, practice… enjoy the journey 🙂

The month of April, 2018 marks exactly 15 years since my first Ashtanga yoga class when I started practicing yoga seriously.

It feels quote surreal to me and I often feel like my life is divided in two parts – before I found yoga and after I found yoga.

My first Ashtanga yoga class challenged me in more ways than just my physical limitations. I could barely touch my toes and had a tight back. My body was shaking the entire class and I remember thinking “if I seriously have to do one more downward dog, I am going to scream!”

It also challenged my ego. I thought I was reasonably fit and flexible but my first Ashtanga yoga class challenged my definition of that and made me realise I wasn’t even close to being fit!

After that class, I battled with my ego and decided I must return for another class. I had to start somewhere.

My yoga journey had to begin at a first class. A second class…. and some form of dedication to really give it a go.

There was no way I could do this posture pictured (astavakrasana) in the first few months of practicing yoga.

It takes dedication and daily practice to shift things in the body and mind.

My body changed, my habits changed for the better and this all affected my life choices and then the direction my life has taken…

I love this quote by Picasso ‘I am always doing that which I can not do, in order that I may learn how to do it” because it reminds me that with discipline, things can change.

It’s not about perfecting a posture… don’t get me wrong, it’s pretty exciting when you can do some cool postures….

but yoga is more than perfecting the posture…

It’s about perfecting the person 

And practice makes progress towards that ideal of perfection.

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