You are Enough

Are you happy? And I mean, are you *really* happy? Deep down inside?
We often see happiness as a destination…a goal…somewhere, out there… outside of ourselves and something we are chasing.
I mean, after all, most of our daily interactions through advertisements (on billboards, TV and social media etc) feed us the biggest lie on the planet – that we are not enough.
As we are. We are not enough.
That we should be unhappy with our current state of life/being and that we need something outside ourselves to satiate this desire to be happy. That something or someone out there will bring us the happiness we are seeking.
Do you really think that’s true?
Have you ever noticed that those who are wealthy in riches aren’t always necessarily the happiest in life? Or have you noticed that people who actually physically own less possessions, are generally happier in life?
Something to think about…
If we keep chasing happiness outside of ourselves, I can bet you, we won’t find it.
Happiness is state of being… not something outside, but rather something inside us.
We are enough.
You are enough.
As you are.
Who you are.
Happiness is IN you.
You just need to dig deep and work through the layers and layers of ‘crap’ that we have created in our life (lives) by slowly peeling away our misconceptions, stigmas, lies, pain, labels of ourselves, others, the world…
Through the practice of yoga, we can work through these layers.
and once we work through these layers…
within us,
we will find joy.
Happiness is in you.
Happiness IS you.
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