If the opportunity doesn’t arise, build a door…

I’m a firm believer in going for your dreams. Creating goals and building stepping stones to achieve them.
I have seen in my life opportunities arise and I have almost always taken them! It’s a great feeling to be able to recognise when an opportunity ‘lands in your lap’ but it’s even a greater feeling to accept them when they do arise!
It can come with feelings of uneasiness, doubt and excitement all in one!
There are times though where it requires harder work to discover these goals or opportunities.
Sometimes, we need to look deeper than what is seemingly presenting itself to us.
In this case, you may need to build a doorway that opens up pathways to the future that you want to manifest.
It doesn’t mean things will go smoothly or exactly as your mind thinks it will. Other pathways may come about as a result. But the idea is….
take the opportunities that arise and also sometimes we have to create our own pathways to make opportunities arise in our life.
If the opportunity doesn’t knock,
Build a door.
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