Be the spark of light within the darkness…

There is darkness all around us.
War. Pain. Suffering.

Things we have no direct control over.

People die in an unjust way.
People die with terrible suffering.

People suffer daily with grief for the loss of a loved one – a child, a partner, a parent.

People hurt others.
Physically. Sexually. Emotionally.

People start conflict for financial gain.
People start war for political power and status.

So what do we do in these circumstances?

Do we fuel the hate?
Do we contribute to the pain?
Do we let pain and misery fill our own cup?

Or, instead do we try and be the light that shines within the darkness?

We have a choice.

To be part of the darkness…

To be the spark of light within the darkness.

This spark becomes a torch, a refuge for others…
encouraging them to also be the light in the darkness.

So what choice do you make today?

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