Which Guna are you in your workplace?

This is Tuan, Luuly and their daughter Olivia.

Tuan and his wife run a gorgeous little vegan Vietnamese cafe in Melbourne, Olivia Spring.  It is my absolute favourite place to eat lunch when I have some child-free time.

Sometimes when you go to a busy café or restaurant, the people working there are rushing around attending to the needs of their customers and often rushing around the place.

Not Tuan and Luuly.

They both have an incredibly calming presence.  An energy around them that is balanced and mindful around each other, their staff and customers.

They do everything mindfully.

I watch Tuan make coffees, serving food, opening and closing cupboard doors… always calm, always mindful with his posture, the way he carries things and puts them down.  The way he speaks is never too quiet or too loud.  Always calm and present.

I watch Luuly and she is never rushed and never slow.

She works at a calm, perfect speed and is able to keep everyone happy.

I watch how they talk to their daughter Olivia while she hangs around and they’re always so patient and calm with her.

I watch them in awe.

Tuan and Luuly are sattva personified.

In yogic terms, sattva means a state of harmony or balance.

It is said that the world is made up of three main qualities that are found in nature.

  1. Sattva – balance, harmony
  2. Tamas – inertia, inactivity
  3. Rajas – energy, action, change, movement

All three of these gunas are important and sometimes we may need one guna more than the other.

If we have a deadline to meet at work, we may be full of rajas.

If we have just had a big weekend, we may require more tamas.

Finding a healthy tension between the three gunas achieves a state of equilibrium and balance.

Tuan and Tuuly, to me, epitomise the definition of sattva.
They have a harmonious presence – balanced and calm.
It is not often you see someone in their place of work in this calm and balanced state.

Visualise yourself in your workplace.  What do you think your energy is like?

Are you more tamasic? – lacking motivation, activity and initiative…

Are you more rajastic? – always on the move, running from one thing to the other, constantly working, planning and desiring more…

Are you more sattvic? – a balanced presence that works hard but remains calm in adversity and mindful when working with others…

I know for me, I have a tendency to be rajasic…always planning and organising one thing after another with a million ideas in my head that I want to take action on immediately.  I use my yoga practice and meditation to help keep me in balance so I find a sense of sattva and tamas to help balance out the fire within me!

How about you?

Which guna do you think you are more of by nature?

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