It’s Growing on me, mum

A few months ago, we started our kids on Taekwondo lessons. My son wasn’t overly keen, but obliged. After a couple weeks, he started complaining and said he no longer wanted to go.

He said that Taekwondo lessons were his least favourite thing to do in the entire week (probably because it required the most discipline!). He was pretty firm about it and wanted to quit. 

I told him that I respected his feelings about it but we won’t be quitting so soon. We will try it for a couple months and if he still hated it, we can find a different sport he would enjoy instead.

He reluctantly agreed.

So last weekend, out of the blue, my son says to me “Mum, I love Taekwondo. It’s growing on me.”

He didn’t say “like Taekwondo”. He said he “loves” it. Amazing!

We had a chat about how we may not instantly enjoy something and that the benefits may not seem evident right away but it’s always worth giving our best effort before deciding that this may not be for us.

He agreed and said he was glad that he stayed.

I couldn’t help but relate this to yoga (because hey, everything relates to yoga in my head 😄).

Some people come to their first yoga class and either love it or aren’t so sure about it. Some even really dislike it.

The ones who love it always come back.

The ones who aren’t so sure about it, either return to another class to work through their doubts or they’re never to be seen again.

I had a student a few months ago attend her first yoga class in my pregnancy yoga class. I could see she was struggling through it and it wasn’t quite what she expected.

She said she wasn’t sure about it but her gut told her that it’s good for her so she wants to give it an honest go.

She returned and continued to practice pregnancy yoga for months to follow.

Her posture changed.
Her attitude changed.
Her mindset about her upcoming birth experience changed.

She told me that the most powerful thing about the classes were the mindset challenges and topics that prepared her for birth.

I’m always so pleased when someone like this student persists even when the first class wasn’t exactly what she thought it would be.

Truth me told – I didn’t love my first yoga class!
But something inside me told me that I needed to return.

Sometimes things aren’t love at first sight.
Sometimes things aren’t easy to begin with and require work and discipline.

Do you quit something because it’s too hard or you don’t enjoy it first go?

Or do you give it a good honest attempt to see if it grows on you?

Meditation can be like that.
You most possibly may hate it at first.

But with practice it can certainly become something that you completely fall in love with!

Have you persisted in something in life that you didn’t enjoy at first but then turned out to love it?

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