Yoga & Motherhood – will I ever practice again?

Yoga has taken on a deeper meaning for me since becoming a mother…

My days of waking up at 5am for my daily 1.5hr yoga practice have been on pause for the last 4 years. Instead I find any window of opportunity to sneak in a small or big practice around my daily busy schedule with my kids.

When I first became a mum almost 4 years ago, I really struggled accepting that this intense daily asana and meditation practice was just simply not possible. I was either pregnant or breastfeeding and quite simply, the children were my number one priority and I couldn’t invest all that time any more in a long daily practice.

But yoga was never lost.

It was still part of my life.

Some days I managed an intense asana practice. Some days I managed just one sun salutation. And some days there was no asana at all.

But I always had to remind myself that YOGA IS NOT JUST ASANA.

The physical postures are just one element of the yoga practice.

Yoga means union. Union of body & mind.

Yoga is about mindfulness.
A state of equanimity.

I have never practiced yoga so hard since I had children and I didn’t even have to get on my yoga mat to do it.

All those hours sweating it on the mat don’t compare to my daily yoga sessions with my children. Every minute with them is yoga.

When I try and stay patient when all I want is some time out for myself.

When I clean one more dirty butt while trying to potty train.

When I break up an argument between siblings.

When I care for my children when they’re unwell.

When they demand so much of me every day that I feel I can’t take a moment to breathe.

When they chew my ear off and I can’t hear myself think.

When I have to listen to the Wiggles on repeat in the car.

Every day, I put the needs of my children first. I feed them. Dress them. Ensure they live happy, healthy, fit and well-nourished lives.

I try and find a balance where I can even just manage a little meditation. A little asana. A warm (not cold!) tea in between sorting out my household.

This balance is yoga. This ability to find peace & balance around the chaos is yoga.

We don’t need to go to the Himalayas to find peace and balance.

We don’t even need to attend a yoga class every day (but yes, this would be nice) to find and practice yoga. In reality, busy mums struggle with this.

A little asana practice. A little meditation. It goes a long way in helping us stay present and mindful when with our children and continue to be mums (or dads) who want to raise good children and also find a balance for our own happiness.

Here is a picture of the three mini yogis who remind me each day to stay present. Taken live this very morning 🙂

Here are some of my personal favourite kids yogi designs – onesies and shirts >>

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