A small amount of gratitude… changes your world

Do you ever find yourself getting into a habit of self-talk that is not beneficial to you and what you want your life to be?

It can be so easy to fall into the trap of complaining about things that we don’t have, that we want more of, or complaining about things not going to plan.

It is easy to complain but it is also easy to change that behaviour and find greater joy in daily life.


Change your self-talk.

Instead of hearing your inner voice complain about expectations or lack there of, convert that inner voice to be a voice of gratitude.

As soon as you hear yourself getting upset, annoyed, angry…ask your self the question, “why am I feeling this way?”

Usually it is related to an expectation not being met. Or a situation or someone acting in a way that goes against your personal values.

We can try and avoid getting heated up, frustrated and upset by converting that expectation into appreciation.

Look at the situation…

Stop and ask yourself – how can I find something to be grateful for in this moment?

Daily gratitude is such a powerful practice for a healthy, happy mind.

Can you relate to this?

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