Silence the mind to hear the voice within


Have you tried it?

I mean, really tried it?

You’d be surprised how much we fill our days up with noise.

Music or radio in the car.

Podcasts or audio books to stimulate us while commuting or cooking.

Phone calls or text messages to catch up with friends when we have some space in our day.

Social media checks throughout the day.

Instead of all this, have you tried taking time to relish in the silence?

Perhaps when you’re driving, you could just drive in silence (if you don’t have kids yelling in the back seat .

Or when you’re cooking or commuting to work, enjoy the time with your mind instead of trying to fill it up with more ‘stuff’.

Silence is an internal cleanse.

It allows us to hear what is within us more clearly.
It allows us to resolve things on our own and tap into our inner wisdom.

When silent, you can hear the ebb and flow of the thoughts.

You may also pay more attention to the activity you’re doing.

If driving, you can hear the indicator clicks…
If cooking, you can hear the sounds arise as you shuffle things around or chop veggies on your board….

I really enjoy working on my computer with no background music or TV playing.

When I vacuum or mop the house, or fold the washing, I like there to be silence. It give me an opportunity to hear my thoughts and what is going on for me internally.

Our lives are filled with so much noise, that I relish in these opportunities to give my mind the rest that it needs.

And I always feel much clearer and lighter for it.

What are your experiences?
Do you resonate with this?

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