Having fun in the day to day…

I went ice skating the other day. I haven’t skated since I was probably a teenager.
It brought back some fond memories of my childhood!

I couldn’t believe the fun I was having. I felt this lightness in my body that I haven’t felt in a long time. I realised that this overwhelming feeling I was experiencing was FUN!

I can be so serious sometimes with all my jobs and responsibilities that I feel overwhelmed with in my daily life.
The wife hat.
The mother hat.
The teacher hat.

I practice yoga because I love it, but I wouldn’t always consider it to be “fun” necessarily. Although it’s my outlet and I can’t imagine life without it, I find it can be quite a serious practice.

It’s also a very disciplined practice.

Perhaps that’s why I love handstands and challenging arm balances so much, as I feel I can have some fun with them.

After the ice skating session, I realised how good it felt to do something that wasn’t so structured.

Something that took me away from the work of managing the household.

Gosh, I was just having fun!

Since that day, I have made a commitment to myself to try and let loose and have fun in my daily life more.

I don’t need to go skating to do this of course. I can find opportunities in the day to day to find enjoyment.

Whether it’s making jokes with the kids, singing songs or dancing with them.

Dancing is such a great way to increase endorphins (feel good hormones) and just have fun!

Your body can express itself through movement and not worry about being so structured or disciplined.

Do you make time to dance?

Did you have fun today?

What do you do for fun? 🙂

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