What’s your super-power?

How often do we rely on external factors to bring us joy? Think about your 5 senses and how often we are stimulated by them. After all, it’s how we obtain information – through our eyes, ears, tongue, skin and nose. Now what if you removed as much stimulation of your senses as possible – like sitting alone, closing the … Continue reading What’s your super-power?

Practice, Practice, All is Here

Practice, Practice, All is Here.. We often hear the famous yoga directive, “practice, practice, all is coming..”  What is it exactly that is coming?  Or is it already here? We often see our lives as very goal-directed. We plan future short term and long term goals (which of course are very good to do) and our yoga practice can often … Continue reading Practice, Practice, All is Here

It’s Growing on me, mum

A few months ago, we started our kids on Taekwondo lessons. My son wasn’t overly keen, but obliged. After a couple weeks, he started complaining and said he no longer wanted to go. He said that Taekwondo lessons were his least favourite thing to do in the entire week (probably because it required the most discipline!). He was pretty firm … Continue reading It’s Growing on me, mum


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