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It’s Growing on me, mum

A few months ago, we started our kids on Taekwondo lessons. My son wasn’t overly keen, but obliged. After a couple weeks, he started complaining and said he no longer wanted to go. He said that Taekwondo lessons were his least favourite thing to do in the entire week (probably because it required the most … Continue reading It’s Growing on me, mum

Today is my birthday…

Before I was a mother, birthdays for me were about me, myself and I. Since being a mother, it has taken on a different meaning. When one of my children has their birthday, I literally remember the day(s) or night(s) of their birth. I remember where I was when my contractions began and I remember … Continue reading Today is my birthday…

You are Enough

Are you happy? And I mean, are you *really* happy? Deep down inside? We often see happiness as a destination…a goal…somewhere, out there… outside of ourselves and something we are chasing.   I mean, after all, most of our daily interactions through advertisements (on billboards, TV and social media etc) feed us the biggest lie … Continue reading You are Enough

Let Go, Let God….

Patricia, a dear friend of mine and an old colleague who I was privileged to have worked with in Sydney would often use the phrase: Let Go Let God Patricia’s faith in these words taught me so much about acceptance and relinquishing control. Letting go sounds all good and well. But what does that mean … Continue reading Let Go, Let God….

I saved myself

My kids were playing around the yard today and were pretending to “save” each other from being stuck somewhere.  It was all fun and games and they love taking turns to rescue each other. This particular time, my daughter yelled out “Mummy, I saved myself!” and released herself from her “emergency”.  She was so pleased … Continue reading I saved myself

For the First time

My little baby Raya sits on my lap in the early morning while I’m still trying to wake myself up. Who needs an alarm clock when you have a little bubba to do the trick every morning? And this little alarm clock comes with a beautiful smile that lights up the soul. While I was … Continue reading For the First time

5 Ways to talk yourself out of a yoga class & how to talk yourself out of them 🙂

One classic common question I get asked is: Am I too old to take up yoga? The short answer: No. The more thought out answer… Anyone can practice yoga. There is only one type of person who can’t practice yoga, says one of my teachers… and that is the lazy person 🙂 In all honestly, … Continue reading 5 Ways to talk yourself out of a yoga class & how to talk yourself out of them 🙂

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